EIC GLOBAL Services, Inc.

FORECLOSURE REPAIR and restoration

Text Box: It is an unfortunate aspect of our current national economic situation but the reality is that there are more foreclosures now then anytime in our history. As the deed-holder of the property, your interest is in acquiring as much return value and security as possible in your investment to re-coup your losses and protect your investments.
Let EICGS help. 
We will work with you to restore your property to your specifications. As you know, any improvement to a property only makes it that much more attractive.
EICG will, at your request,:
Paint scrape the original structure
Paint to your specifications, or
Will, for an additional fee, recommend a paint scheme (per historical recommendations)
Repair the cement work
Replace windows
Replace appliances
Drywall replacement and installation
Vandalism repair
On-going maintenance until sold. (This is a unique request. Please contact the Principals)
24-Hour Security for your unsold property. (This is a unique request. Please contact one of the Principals)

Text Box: Click here for a quote request.  Please include the address of the property and a description of the desired work product. Do not forget your contact information.